La Luce del Verdicchio di Matelica



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Loc. Colle Stefano n.3
62022 Castelraimondo (Macerata) Italy
43°12’26.7″N  13°01’38.5″E

The gem of Verdicchio di Matelica

Valle Camertina, in the middle of the Marches.
This is the only valley in the region that is protected from sea winds, and so it enjoys a temperate climate. Collestefano is nestled among private vineyards above Castelraimondo at 450 m above sea level). Its surroundings are nothing but fields. If you get here blindfolded, at the sight you will believe it’s heaven.


The story of the Marchionni family, the owners of Collestefano, is a path of redemption. As a family of farmers, the Marchionnis arrived in the 1960s at Rustano di Castelraimondo (MC), in the valley of Verdicchio di Matelica. This hard-working family managed to acquire, in 1978, the small hillside village that has always been called “Collestefano”.
In 1998 Fabio Marchionni, son of the owners and fresh graduate from Oenology, bottled his first vintage of Verdicchio di Matelica.
For Matelica that was the beginning of a new era.


In Collestefano we have always followed organic practices and we also gained the certification in 1995. Our vineyards are part of a broader self-sustainable, eco-friendly and balanced system.
The soil is treated only with organic manure, thus minimizing the presence of copper.

The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand. It’s a moment of joy we share with the university students who lend a hand to the Marchionni family.


A new location which allows for all the main operations of racking (using gravity), according to a traditional wine-making process while always preserving the quality of raw material. We use a minimum amount of sulfur dioxide, keeping it far below the limit set by law.


Bright and crystal-clear wines that are excellent right from the start and can refine wonderfully in the bottle.


Our partners and customers are close friends to us.
We opt for a price policy that focuses on fairness.
We produce worthy wines like no other.


Besides the myth of duty and the warped pleasure from spending money, we believe in a kind of work that encapsulates duty and pleasure. We like to work having fun and to have fun working, in order to express our talent and character.